Black automotive glue

High resistance to heat and humidity.

Excellent glue recommended for gluing automotive packaging and pipes, ornaments, bumpers, windshield wipers, carpets, emblem accessories, rubber mats and a number of applications. Withstands temperatures up to 90° C. High resistance to humidity, heat, gasoline, water, oils and grease.

Strongly bonds rubber to rubber, metal to metal, and any combination of both, plus bonds cork, leather, vinyl, plastic laminates, etc. brush grade



Code Container Capacity Pieces per box
0618 Can 18 lts 1 piece
0614 Can 4 lts 4 pieces
0601 Can 1 lt 12 pieces
0602 Can 500 ml 12 pieces
0604 Can 250 ml 24 pieces
0608 Can 125 ml 24 pieces
0606 Tubo 60 ml 30 pieces